Holters’ Gallery: January 19, 2013. This page contains some samples of Artillery luger holsters from different historical periods. Thai Variation: February 23, 2013. A short article that summarizes the researches on the Luger with Thai marks. Not Only Luger: February 23, 2013. Some nice pictures of others Mauser pistols from the Paul Mauser Private Archive. Historical Pictures: March 23,2013. Some historical pictures related to the use of the Artillery Luger during WWI. Versuchsmodel   V015 :   March   28,2013.   The   Versuchsmodel   V015   is   the   unique   Mauser   Parabellum   prototype   made   by   Mauser   to verify the reliability of the stocked frame. The Mauser HSc Pistol Book: April 20, 2013. A reference book on the Mauser HSc Pistol. By Alan Burnham & Peter Theodore. Police Lugers Book: April 20, 2013. A great research on the Police Lugers. by Edward Tinker & Dwight Gruber. The Last Parabellum: September 28, 2013. The last reported Parabellum made before the Mauser dismantelling is described. Items for sale: November 13, 2013. Some items for sale from the author collection. Mauser (INTERARMS) Parabellum Certification: August 13, 2016. Certification of Mauser Parabellum pistols based upon original Mauser Parabellum production books and ledgers. French Instruction Manual: October 16, 2016. In 1950, the French Army printed out 5000 manuals for Mauser Parabellum (P08 and LP08) to be mainly used by the Army Gunsmiths during the war in Indochina. Paul Mauser Private Archive: November 13, 2016. The Paul Mauser private archive represents a unique and irreplacable  source  of  original documents. More is available Collectors Feedback: December 17, 2016. Feedback from the collectors about the Mauser Parabellum (INTERARMS) Certification Service. ICOMAM Lecture: September 18, 2017. The authors, Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren, presented to the ICOMAM (INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS OF ARMS AND MILITARY HISTORY) a lecture on the complex relationship between Paul Mauser (1838 - 1914) and Georg Luger (1849 - 1923) and it’s impact on the C96 and Parabellum pistols. Sudicatis Nocturnal Sight: October 26, 2017. A Nocturnal Luminous sight for the Artillery Luger and the Gewehr 98. Serial Numbers Reported: November 12, 2017. This page reports the serial number of the P08 and LP08 produced in Mauser under French control in 1946-46. Mauser and Luger Pistol Appraisal: January 5, 2018. With more than 25 years of expertise in the areas of Mauser and Luger pistols collecting, Mauro can support owners through his appraisal and certification program. Paul Mauser Symposium: May 5, 2018. Videos and Photos of the Paul Mauser Symposium held in the Arms Museum - Grand Curtius in Liège, Belgium. Mauser Parabellum Gauges: December 31, 2018. Gauges used by Mauser for the Mauser Parabellum verification. Paul Mauser Experimental C78 (Zig-Zag) Revolver: February 10, 2019. Description of the unique Paul Mauser Experimental C78 Revolver used for the Patent 3903 “Innovations in Revolvers” (Additional patent to No. 2564 of 2 March 1878 - Patented in the German Empire on April 9, 1878, and effective through 1 March 1893). Certification of the Churchill Mauser C96 Pistols: June 23, 2019. Surely one of the certifications that has most gratified me has been the one of the Mauser C96 belonged to Winston Churchill. Churchill acquired at least three C96 pistols that he used in the Boer War in South Africa in 1899 – 1900 time-frame. Paul Mauser Archive Video: August 31, 2019. Published Paul Mauser Archive introductory video. Paul Mauser Archive and Forgotten Weapons Videos: Added Paul Mauser Archive and Forgotten Weapons Videos  in the index page. New Artillery Luger Animation: April 18, 2020. La Luger Artiglieria (The Artillery Luger), Second Edition (2020): December 13, 2020. You can support the “Artillery Luger” ( and “Paul Mauser Archive” ( web sites with a free Paypal donation. Paypal account:
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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