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The   Paul   Mauser   private   archive   represents   a   unique   and   irreplacable      source      of      original documents    that    has    been    preserved    until    now    and    must    be    preserved    for    future generations.   It      allows      discovering      Paul   Mauser   not   only   as   engineer   and   inventor   but   also his   relationships   with   the   relatives,   friends,   competitors   and   enemies.   The   study   of   his archive is a great adventure for historical weapon researchers and enthusiasts. For   a   complete   description   of   all   types   of   documents   available   in   the   Archive   visit   the   web site: The    new    book    from    the    author    “Paul    Mauser    -    His    Life,    Company,    and    Handgun Development 1838 - 1914” is totally based on Archive researches. After over 6 years of research from original archival material comes the book. In all, the book is composed of 586 pages and more than 1000 pictures. The book is printing now, more information will be provided. Download the PDF Brochure  that provides an overview about the content of the new book. For additional information, contact the author:


The   Archive   is   composed   by   his   Personal   Diaries,   Letters.   Telegrams,   Drawings,   Studies   and much   more.   Below   a   very   short   list   of   document   types   is   provided.   The   complete   list   is available in the web site:


The      Paul      Mauser      diaries      covers      most      of      the      working      years      of      Paul      Mauser,     providing  a day-by-day picture of his activity and life.


The            Archive            contains            interesting            letters            received            by            Paul            Mauser            from personalities      and      institutions.      The      letters      are      most      often      related      to      business      but     also to  Paul  Mauser  personal  activity  like.


In      the      Paul      Mauser      archive      it      is      possible      to      find      an      high      number      of      received      and     sent telegrams. The telegrams are from and to collaborators and personalities.

Technical Notes 

The   technical   notes   are   often   undated.   They   describe   technical   solutions,   new   ideas...They are an evidence of the creativity and competence of Paul Mauser.


The      Paul      Mauser      collaborators      could      leave      notes      to      Paul      using      a      specific      document     called   Rapport.   In   the   archive,   several   of   them   from   different   collaborators   are   available.   It     is      interesting      to      note      that      most      of      these      rapports      have      been      used      by      Paul      Mauser     to      write   additional   notes   and   calculation.   This      is      quite      common      in      the      archive;      it     seems      that      Paul      was      writing      down      his         ideas         quickly         to         all      kind   of   papers available. This   is   just   an   incomplete   overview   of   the   different   types   of   documents   composing   the   Paul Mauser Private Archive. For the complete list of documents composing the Paul Mauser Private Archive visit:  
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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