Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger

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Mauro   Baudino   was   born   in   Sanremo   (Italy)   in   1967.      He   is   a   recognized   firearms   historian, specialized   in   the   history   and   production   of   Mauser.   He   is   the   author   of   the   books,   La Luger   Artiglieria   -   The   Artillery   Luger” ,   published   by   Editoriale   Olimpia   S.P.A.,   Firenze, Italy   in   2003;   The   Parabellum   is   Back!   1945-2000 ”   published   by   Simpson,   USA,   Ltd.   in 2010   and   Paul   Mauser   -   His   Life,   Company,   and   Handgun   Development   1838   1914 ”   published   by   Simpson   Ltd.,   USA,   in   2017,   La   Luger   Artiglieria   -   The   Artillery Luger” Second Edition , published by Idea Libri, Italy, in 2020. Mauro’s magazine articles have been published in Italy, Germany and the United States. He   collaborates   with   several   scholarly   institutions   including   museums,   auction   houses   and documentary producers. Mauro   provides   a   certification   and   appraisal   service   for   firearm   collectors   and   auction houses. He   is   also   active   on   the   Internet,   maintaining   websites   including:, ,   and    and   as   a   participant   on the most important historical firearm forums. Mauro   is   fully   engaged   in   the   study   and   conservation   of   the   Mauser   Archive ,   which   includes material    from    the    Paul    Mauser     (1838-1914)    Private    Archive    and    Mauser    company   documents through 1980. He   also   maintains   the   Mr.   Joachim   Görtz’s   photographic   archive .   This   archive,   built   by   Mr.     Görtz   during   his   live,   is   composed   by   32   folders   containing   Luger   photos,   original   historical Luger pictures from WWI and WWII and important notes. He    is    one    of    the    founders    of    the    Kü    Club ,    an    association    dedicated    to    study    and preservation    of    the    Mauser    Company    heritage.    The    Kü    Club    meets    once    a    year    in Oberndorf am Neckar , the historic location of Mauser. You can keep up to date with Mauro's studies by following his Facebook page: Paul Mauser Archive. Author’s email address: You can support the “Artillery Luger” ( and “Paul Mauser Archive” ( web sites with a free Paypal donation. Paypal account:
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