Police Lugers

by Edward Tinker & Dwight Gruber


Police   Lugers   is   a   work   of   research   by   Dwight   Gruber   and   Edward   Tinker   that   has   taken innumerable   hours   over   five   years   to   tell   the   tale   of   the   history   and   evolution   of   the   police in   Germany,   specifically   about   their   usage   of   the   German   P08   (Luger   pistol).   Police   Lugers takes   the   reader   from   the   formation   of   the   police   in   the   German   Empire;   through   the   Great War   armistice   and   the   Weimar   years   with   their   plethora   of   police   units;   into   the   early   Nazi era,   where   the   most   obvious   of   the   police   Luger   characteristics   -   the   sear   and   magazine safeties   -   were   designed;   and   ultimately   taken   into   the   Deutsche   Volkspolizei   of   East Germany.    Five    detailed    chapters    of    350    pages    and    over    a    1,000    full    color    pictures, illustrations   and   maps.   Bound   book   with   Full   Color   dust   jacket.   English   Language.   Self- Published by the authors. Cost: 125 Euros plus shipment. Paypal accepted. Order your copy: theparabellumisback@kpnmail.nl
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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Police Lugers by Edward Tinker & Dwight Gruber Police Lugers by Edward Tinker & Dwight Gruber