Mauser Parabellum Certification

Mauser Parabellum Ledgers Availability

Most of the original Mauser Parabellum production books are still available and this allows verification of when your pistol was produced, tested and delivered. Almost the 95% of the Mauser Parabellum production in .30 Luger is available in the ledgers and this is very good news for all the owners of the Mauser Parabellum in this calibre. The production of the Parabellum in .30 Luger is very limited (around 5000 pistols) making it a rare collectible when compared with 9mm Luger calibre pistols. Unfortunately, the production books for the Mauser Parabellum in 9mm caliber are incomplete so it is more difficult to trace this model. However, thanks to the available serial numbers and Mauser production charts it is possible to indicate exactly the year of production and in many cases also an estimate of the month. In addition to more standard models, some ledgers are available for commemoratives as well as sport models. This is a very unique aspect of Post WW-II Mauser (INTERARMS) Parabellum production. In fact, these are the only Luger variations from any manufacturer for which the production books are even partially available. Based upon this, it is possible to provide collectors with a useful certification service. If it is possible tracking your Parabellum in the production books, you can receive a certificate like the one attached. It is a very nice document to associate with your Mauser Parabellum. In addition to the certificate, a personalized document containing scans of the original blue prints is provided. There are no additional costs for the blue prints. The signed certificate and the document with the blueprints are printed in PDF format in high resolution and are sent by email. They can then be printed in color and associated with your Mauser Parabellum. There are no costs for verification in the ledgers, only for creating and delivering the certificate when your pistol is found in the factory documentation. Therefore feel free to ask for the research in the Mauser ledgers, you can then decide to request or not the certificate. The cost for this service is 50 euros per certificate (PayPal accepted). On the left there is for example one of the certificates, below the first page and an internal page of the document containing the blue prints. Many blue prints are included in the document.   You can also ask for specific research in the archive, as I have recently completed for a rare baby model Mauser Parabellum. Read the Collectors Feedback here, and also Mauser and Luger pistols Appraisal. Download the brochure here. Contact me directly via my Email and provide the full serial number of your pistol: A collector extremely satisfied with the information received in the certificate and blueprint document sent me this nice video where you can see the certificate printed and associated with a nice Mauser Parabellum Sport Model.
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
Second page of the certificate. Fourth page of the certificate. Third page of the certificate. Mauser Parabellum (Interarms) Blue Prints Collection Document Mauser Parabellum (Interarms) Blue Prints Collection Document First page of the certificate. Rare Mauser Parabellum 29/70 with 5 inch barrel and its certificate.
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