This web site contains useful information about the Artillery Luger variations and the Mauser Parabellum pistols made after 1945 in Mauser. Initially under French control (1945 - 1946) and later the reintroduction of the Parabellum from 1969 onwards. This web site replaces the old Artillery and Mauser Parabellum web site with a more modern and effective design. The old web site is not maintained but it remains available for consultation. The current web site is still under construction, it will use more extensively the documents from the Mr. Joachim Görtz’s photographic archive. This archive, built by Mr.  Görtz during his live, is composed by 32 folders containing Luger photos, original historical Luger pictures from WWI and WWII and lots of explicative notes. Some topics that were discussed in the previous web site related to the Paul Mauser Private archive are not repeated here; the reader can refer to: The Paul Mauser Archive Web Site.

New Book From The Author

Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun

Development 1838 - 1914

After over 6 years of research from original archival material comes the book. In all, the book is composed of 586 pages and more than 1000 pictures.  The book is printing now, more information will be provided. Download the PDF Brochure that provides an overview about the content of the new book. For additional information, contact the author: mauser.archive@gmail.com

Author Bibliography

The Parabellum Is Back! 1945 - 2000

The book is the result of more than five years of research. It covers the story of the Mauser Parabellum pistol after WWII; from the French Mauser Occupation (April 1945) until the reintroduction of the Parabellum by Mauser in 1970. Historical information, pistols, accessories, archives, blue prints... a huge amount of data that has been sorted and analyzed from the original Mauser Archive. The result is a book of 560 pages with more than 700 pictures. More information here: www.theparabellumisback.com

Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger

The story of the Artillery Luger from the Imperial Prototype to the Commemorative Artillery made by Mauser in 1985. Variations, productions and accessories. 111 pages. More information here.  
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