Historically the Artillery Luger site was founded as a WEB reference for those interested in the history and development of the “lange Pistole 08” known as Artillery Luger. Over the years, a part of the site has been dedicated to the production of Mauser Parabellum pistols post WWII, i.e. models assembled by Mauser in 1945-1946 and then the reintroduction made by Mauser of the Parabellum after 1969 following the contract with the American INTERARMS. Recently the site actually covers all the production of Mauser pistols from 1877 to 1999, offering also a CERTIFICATION SERVICE based on the documentation of the Mauser company available in the Paul Mauser Archive and also on the documents from the Mr. Joachim Görtz’s photographic archive. This archive, built by Mr.  Görtz during his live, is composed by 32 folders containing Luger photos, original historical Luger pictures from WWI and WWII and important notes. Follow the author and the Paul Mauser Archive on  Facebook

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Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger

Second Edition - 2020

The newly published second edition (2020) is in fact a new book. The 2003 edition has been revised both in terms of content and in terms of the quality of the images, now all in colour and high resolution. The 200-page book covers the entire history of the iconic Lange Pistole 08, pistol from 1913 to 1986. DWM production, Erfurt, Mauser, Mauser under French control and Mauser post 1970. The wartime use of the gun in WWI by the Artillery, the Infantry and the Air Force. The full automatic model. The production in Mauser in the thirties, the limited production in Mauser under French control in 1945-1946 and the reintroduction made by Mauser in the second half of 1980. All accessories are covered, from the holsters to the Sudicatis nocturnal sights, and a section of historical photos has also been added. The book is in Italian language, all the captions are also available in English. The cost is 24 euro. ISBN: 978-88-6262-284-4 How to buy it: Italy: Rusconi Libri, Non Solo Storia International: Non Solo Storia, Amazon For additional information, contact the author: mauser.archive@gmail.com

Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun

Development 1838 - 1914

After over 6 years of research from original archival material comes the book. In all, the book is composed of 586 pages and more than 1000 pictures.  The price for the standard edition is $89.95. The Deluxe price is $150. The book is available, orders are accepted: paulmauser@kpnmail.nl Download the PDF Brochure that provides an overview about the content of the new book. For additional information, contact the author: mauser.archive@gmail.com See the Forgotten Weapons Review. Mauro Baudino – Gerben van Vlimmeren                                                 Published by Brad Simpson Publishing, 2017                        ISBN: 978-692-75500-6

The Parabellum Is Back! 1945 - 2000

The book is the result of more than five years of research. It covers the story of the Mauser Parabellum pistol after WWII; from the French Mauser Occupation (April 1945) until the reintroduction of the Parabellum by Mauser in 1970. Historical information, pistols, accessories, archives, blue prints... a huge amount of data that has been sorted and analyzed from the original Mauser Archive. The result is a book of 560 pages with more than 700 pictures. More information here: www.theparabellumisback.com See the Forgotten Weapons Review. Mauro Baudino – Gerben van Vlimmeren                                                 Published by Brad Simpson Publishing, 2010                        ISBN: 978-0-9825607-2-3

Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger

The story of the Artillery Luger from the Imperial Prototype to the Commemorative Artillery made by Mauser in 1985. Variations, productions and accessories. 111 pages. More information here. Mauro Baudino                                                                                                                                        Published in Italian by Editoriale Olimpia S.p.A. – Florence (Italy), 2003. ISBN: 88-253-0032-8 Sold out

Lectures - Events

ICOMAM Lecture - Koblenz (Germany) September, 2017

The authors, Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren, presented to the ICOMAM (INTERNATIONAL COMMITTEE FOR MUSEUMS AND COLLECTIONS OF ARMS AND MILITARY HISTORY) a lecture on the complex relationship between Paul Mauser (1838 - 1914) and Georg Luger (1849 - 1923) and it’s impact on the C96 and Parabellum pistols. The PDF copy of the presentation can be downloaded, follow the link below.   The complete story on the Mauser and Luger relationship is available in the book Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914.  The information provided in the lecture can be used but a credit to the authors is requested. For more information about the use of the data contact the authors: mauser.archive@gmail.com The relationship between Paul Mauser and Georg Luger and it's impact on the Mauser C96 pistol.

Paul Mauser Event - Liège Belgium

Dear Fellow Firearms Historians and Collectors, It is my pleasure to inform you and to invite you to a major Mauser history event planned for Saturday, 21st of April 2018 in Liège - Belgium. The event covers details of Paul Mauser‘s life, the Company, firearms development and Mauser’s impact on military firearms production. The event also celebrates the fact that last year, 2017, was the 150-year anniversary of the Mauser brothers move from Oberndorf to Liège. They spent about 3 years in Liège, working under the supervision of Samuel Norris on an improvement of the Chassepot needle rifle, adopting it to fire metallic cartridge. In these three years, the foundation of the design of the future Mauser Model 71 rifle was established. The Mauser relationship with Belgium and Liège continued with an important contract finalized in 1889 with the Belgian government for the furniture of the Model 89 rifle and, as a consequence, the establishment of the FN Company in Herstal (Liège). Of course, several major topics will be discusses in the presentation, with part of the event focusing on Mauser revolvers and pistols. All the information will be explained through the use of original documents available in the Paul Mauser and Mauser company archives. The meeting is organized in the Liège Arms Museum, which contains one of the biggest firearms collection in Europe. Attached you can find a brochure that provides more information and you can use it also to subscribe for tickets to the event. Should you have any question or you need any help for logistics support, please feel free to contact us at the following email address: mauser.archive@gmail.com Videos and Photos of the Paul Mauser Event.

ICOMAM Lecture - Toledo (Spain) November, 2021

Development of Mauser Firearms through historical

documents - Abstract

The Paul Mauser Archive is specialized in archival documentary studies related to the Mauser family and the Mauser company. It holds and curates a big part of the original documents associated with Mauser’s personal life and business activities. The Paul Mauser Archive is pleased to present a study of the design, development and production process for Mauser arms shown through archival documentation as performed under the direction of Paul Mauser from 1871 to 1914. This study is of particular importance considering that the archival records of most of the largest German arms companies have been lost. The Mauser Company was part of the Loewe Group from 1887 and of DWM -  Deutsche Waffen- und Munitionsfabriken Aktiengesellschaft from 1896. The processes and procedures implemented in Mauser are representative of those used by Loewe Group and DWM. While the Archive is not complete for several firearms, the Model 1910 pistol is well documented, and it is possible to trace its genesis from the first drawings in 1905 through production in 1910. It is therefore also possible to understand the approach followed for developing a firearm in Mauser under Paul Mauser's direction. The purpose of this discussion is to trace, through historical documents, the entire development of the Model 1910 pistol including details from design, cost estimation, prototype development, market development and production. It’s an excursion that allow appreciation of the origin of unique designs in firearms from Mauser and DWM.


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The Artillery Luger - Luger Artiglieria Paul Mauser - His Life, Company, and Handgun Development 1838 - 1914 New Book Dust Jacket The Parabellum Is Back! 1945 - 2000 Mauser C96 Cone Hammer and Swiss Luger. All Right Reserved. Paul Mauser and Georg Luger Original Signatures. All Rights Reserved.
Papers Behind the Pistol: Mauser’s Archive on the Model 1910 This video is the result of a collaboration between Forgotten Weapons and the Paul Mauser Archive. It shows how it is possible to trace the genesis of a Mauser-produced firearm through unique original archive documentation available in the  Paul Mauser Archive. The unique aspect of this video is the possibility to analyze the genesis of the Mauser Model 1910 pistol through internal Mauser documentation. This is of great historical importance if you consider that the Loewe and DWM archives have been lost, and therefore the only way to study the  internal procedures used by the Loewe/DWM and Mauser groups is through the surviving Mauser documents.  Among the technical documentation available for Mauser pistols, the M1910 is the most complete, this is the reason why it was selected for this  video. Similar documentation is also available for different types of rifles.  If you are interested in the Paul Mauser book, you can contact the authors:  mauser.archive@gmail.com  I think you will find this time-trip very interesting...

For a complete list of available videos refer to the author YouTube channel.

Introduction to the Paul Mauser Archive

Paul Mauser Archive is pleased to present this new introductory video. There are not many industrial and personal archives, which help us understand the history of the Industrial Age in Europe. The Paul Mauser Archive curates a big portion of the documents of German Industrialist and Firearms inventor Paul Mauser, making details of his history available online and in the book "Paul Mauser, His Life, Company and Handgun Development”, written by Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren and published by Simpson Ltd. This video explores some of the fascinating impact on the world made by this leader of the industrial age through archival material that helps turn speculation like "I think" and "we believe" into documented history. See details about The Paul Mauser Archive at: www.paul-mauser-archive.com Follow the Paul Mauser Archive on Facebook: Paul MAuser Archive Authors can be contacted at the following email address: mauser.archive@gmail.com The Paul Mauser Archive is a member of the International Council on Archives. Acknowledgments: Gerben Van Vlimmeren, Jon Speed and Marc Erickson who edited the video.
Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger, Second Edition (2020) Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger, Second Edition (2020) Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger, Second Edition (2020)
Portrait of Paul Mauser. All rights reserved. A proud Hulan armourer shows his Artillery Luger. All Rights Reserved.
A proud Hulan armorer shows his Artillery Luger.
Certify Your Mauser or Luger Pistol Want to know more about the history of your Mauser or Luger pistol?  Request a certificate based on original Mauser documentation preserved in the Paul Mauser Archive!  Mauser and Luger Pistols Certification and Appraisal from the Original Mauser Document from 1877 to 1999 ICOMAM Lecture - Toledo (Spain) November, 2021 ICOMAM Lecture - Toledo (Spain) November, 2021