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Paul Mauser Private Archive The Parabellum is back! 1945 - 2000



FESAC: Foundation for European Societies of Arms Collectors. Land of Borchardt: very informative site on Borchardt pistol and early Luger variations. NAPCA web site: National Automatic Pistol Collectors Association or NAPCA for short. Ministeriali: Italian Web Site focused on the badges for the ministry officials. Munizioni: Very accurate Italian Web Site about ammunitions.

Forum, Museum and History

Luger Forum: a very interesting and diversified forum for Luger collectors. German Lugers: forum from Jan C Still. an interesting forum about all Mauser guns. Radica & Bajonette: an interesting Italian site about guns. Museo Delle Armi – Terni: Italian Guns Museum located in Terni (Umbria). More than 1500 guns collected. II Word War: a reference site about WWII. Have a look… French Guns Site: an interesting site on the French guns… Spahis un jour… : a forum focused on the Spahis… Tuttostoria.Net: Italian History and more… Littlegun: an interesting Belgian site with pictures and details about gun collection… FISAT: Italian association to assist and encourage collectors, shooters and all people interested to the gun… Paul Mauser Private Archive: a detailed research on the original Paul Mauser Private Archive from Mauro Baudino and Gerben van Vlimmeren.


Classic Firearms and Accessories - CMR: Suppliers of Luger and C96 Mauser Broomhandle Pistols & Accessories, Gun parts, Presentation Cases & Books etc. Paul Regnier: Mr. Regnier website, one of most well-known European Luger dealers. Waffen Werle: a creative and competent European gunsmith. The History Bunker: specializes in Military items of an historical nature covering World War 1, World War 2… German Manual: this site is a source for translated German manuals for guns… German Militaria Collectibles: a  specialized site on German Militaria Collectibles. Cornet Military Antiques: Cornet. Military Antiques. Orders and medals, uniforms, cold and firearms, antiques, photographs and documents.. Military Postcards: this is the reference site for collectors of Military Postcards. Soviet: Russian military uniforms, hats, gas masks, badges and medals.
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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