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-------------------------------------------------------------------- To MAUSER Parabellum owners, If you have any of the multiple variations of the Parabellum pistols, I urge you to contact Mauro regarding certification. You will find him pleasant and easy to work with. It is amazing what documentation he can "dig up" for you. If none exists (not all Parabellums were document "friendly') he will so inform you at no cost. You have everything to gain and nothing to lose by contacting Mauro. I have been VERY satisfied with his service. Sammler -------------------------------------------------------------------- Hello, my name is Joe, I'm a long time Luger fan and collector in Colorado-my late mom bought my first Luger in 1967 when I was just twelve. I saw Mauro's post and I just want to add that Mauro provided me with a certificate earlier this year for my first Mauser Parabellum and I could not be more pleased. I knew my pistol was one of the very first .30 caliber pistols made-number 10.001075 (of course numbers below 1000 were reserved for a few experimental and prototype pistols) and made without the machined scoops at the front of the chamber-but Mauro was able use the Mauser production archives to show the exact date my pistol was made, tested (matching the date stamped on the test target) and shipped to Interarms. Joe -------------------------------------------------------------------- Just thought you'd be interested and I'd share with you how happy I was to be able to learn about and receive documentation about the first ( the likely not the last) Parabellum I've ever owned. When I first visited the Forum I was introduced through a number of posts to a gentleman by the name of Mauro Baudino. Seems Mauro has such a great interest in Lugers (P-08s, Parabellums) that he wasn't content to just own and shoot them (like you and now me), but had an itch to historically research and even write books about them. Not only that, but he seemed to be a real people person, taking time and energy to help them understand their weapon's history, too. Astounding! Well, to make a short story long, when I found out that Mauro has a service that I could avail myself of. He's able to obtain factory documentation on the Interarms Mauser Parabellums and obtain the Blue Prints on 'em. As one who loves his guns with documentation of some kind and knowing that getting it for weapons decades or more old is difficult to unobtainable, I immediately jumped on his offer. Mauro got right on the job and shortly thereafter I received what was promised. He exceeded my expectations. A high-rez,signed Certificate, with all the factory info available, along with a many-page Blue Print of my pistol, also in clear, high resolution, none of the fuzzy, tiny worded stuff often seen. Hats off to Mauro with a hearty WELL DONE! This was worth ever penny and I highly recommend it to those fortunate enough to own one of these weapon Thanks, Mauro! Eric -------------------------------------------------------------------- Contact me directly via my Email and provide the full serial number of your pistol: Download the brochure here.
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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