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Hulan Armourer with Artillery Luger

This is one of the best historical pictures today available showing an Artillery Luger. The   soldier   in   the   picture   is   most   probably   a   Bavarian   army   Uhlans   or   Chevauleger.   He holds an Artillery Luger attached to the shoulder stock.  

Johan Benjamin Jauhiainen, a Finnish Officer...

Johan   Benjamin   Jauhiainen,   a   Finnish   Officer   who   had   a   big   role   in   the   1918   Finnish independence war. Jauhiainen was born on 31.07.1895. During   WWI,   he   was   one   of   circa   1900   soldiers   that   went   to   Germany   for   military   training in   1915-18.   In   particular   he   spent   time   in   the   Jaeger   Battalion   27   for   MG   training   and   then on 1917 as extra training for explosives and explosions. From   June   1916   to   February   1917   he   took   a   part   to   WW   I   (with   about   other   1.300   Finland soldiers)   against   the   Russians   on   Riga   front   line   in   Latvia.In   this   period   he   became   a   big enthusiast of the LP08 and then he decided to employ this pistol as his personal pistol. A   hand   made   holster   was   done   to   fit   his   LP08.   Jauhiainen,   with   other   100   men,   came   back to   Finland   in   December   1917   with   his   LP08   and   other   two   huge   gun   cargo.   Most   of   them were ordered to training Home Guards around Finland. On   February/May   1918   they   took   a   part   to   Finland's   struggle   for   independence   on   the White's side. After the Civil War these men were as a back bone of independence Finland's Army. Jauhiainen served in the army in the Wyborg´s Battalion. During   the   Winter   War   1939-40   he   was   as   battalion   commander   (35   Infantry   Regiment)   in North Carelia. Jauhiainen   fought   on   WWII   as   Major   and   starting   from   1944   as   Ltn.   Colonel   (51   Infantry Regiment). He was retired in 1945. He died 1959.

Artillery Soldier

This   picture   shows   a   young   Artillery   soldier   carrying   his   Artillery   Luger   with   three   magazine pouches. The holster is a standard model. All rights reserved.

Soldier carrying a Eugen Huber holster

This   picture   shows   a   soldier   carrying   a   rare   Eugen   Huber   soft   skin   holster.   Often   these holster are marked with EUGEN HUBER MILITAR-EFFEKTEN MUNCHEN and AWM/1/15.

Weimar period soldier with a modified standard holster.

After   the   end   of   the   WWI,   in   accordance   to   the   restriction   imposed   to   Germany   by   the Allied   powers,   the   Artillery   Luger   model   was,   at   least   formally,   forbidden.   Some   holsters were   modified   to   contain   the   standard   P08.    In   the   picture   a   soldier   carrying   one   of   this modified holster.

Artillery crew with Artillery Luger and Mauser C96.

The   Mauser   C96   was   for   a   long   time   competitor   of   the   Luger   pistol   during   the   tests performed by the German Army. This picture shows artillery soldier carrying C96 and Artillery Luger.










This   interesting   picture   shows   machine   gun   crews   carrying   standard   and   Eugen   Huber   soft skin holster.

Soldier carrying Artillery Luger with Trommelmagazine

In   1917   an   extended   magazine   called   TM08   or   Trommelmagazine    was   introduced.   In   this photo a crew carrying on the belt TM08 magazines.

Artillery Soldier Carrying an Artillery Luger.

Artillery Soldiers, one is carrying an Artillery Luger with Holster and Stock.

Enver Pascha with his Artillery Luger

Enver    Pasha    (1881-1922)    served    in    the    dual    capacity    of    War    Minister    and    Ottoman Commander-in-Chief   during   World   War   One,   and   was   instrumental   in   bringing   Turkey   into the war on the side of the Central Powers. In this picture is firing with an Artillery Luger.
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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Soldier carrying a Eugen Huber soft skin holster. All Rights Reserved. Soldier of the Weimar Republic carrying a modified Artillery Luger holster. All Rights Reserved. Artillery crew armed with Artillery Luger and Mauser C96. All Rights Reserved. Artillery Soldier with Artillery Luger and three magazine pouches. All Rights Reserved. Machine gun crew with standard and Eugen Huber holsters. All Rights Reserved. Hulan armourer with Artillery Luger. All Rights Reserved. Johan Benjamin Jauhiainen with his Artillery Luger. All Rights Reserved. Artillery Soldier Carrying an Artillery Luger Crew carrying Artillery Luger pistols and Trommelmagazines. All Rights Reserved.