La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger

Second Edition - 2020

The newly published second edition (2020) is in fact a new book. The 2003 edition has

been revised both in terms of content and in terms of the quality of the images, now all in

colour and high resolution.

The 200-page book covers the entire history of the iconic Lange Pistole 08, pistol from 1913 to 1986. DWM production, Erfurt, Mauser, Mauser under French control and Mauser post 1970. The wartime use of the gun in WWI by the Artillery, the Infantry and the Air Force. The full automatic model. The production in Mauser in the thirties, the limited production in Mauser under French control in 1945-1946 and the reintroduction made by Mauser in the second half of 1980. All accessories are covered, from the holsters to the Sudicatis nocturnal sights, and a section of historical photos has also been added. The book is in Italian language, all the captions are also available in English. The cost is 24 euro. ISBN: 978-88-6262-284-4 How to buy it: Italy: Rusconi Libri, Non Solo Storia International: Non Solo Storia, Amazon For additional information, contact the author:


In   1907,   German   Artillery   units   requested   the   development   of   a   pistol-carbine   to   replace the   obsolete   Reichsrevolver   M79   and   M83.   Comparative   tests   were   performed   between several   pistols   of   the   day,   the   Borchardt   C93,   the   Mauser   C96,   and   the   Frommer   but   these pistols were not chosen. In   August   1908,   Kaiser   Wilhelm   II   (1859-1914)   signed   authorization   for   adoption   of   the Pistole   08   –   P.08   Pistol.      The   Kriegsministerium   decided   at   that   time   to   re-consider   the Artillery   unit   requirements.   Bavarian   Captain   Adolf   Fisher   (1869-1938)   was   assigned   to head   a   team   that,   in   collaboration   with   DWM   –   Deutsche   Waffen   und   Munitionsfabriken, was   tasked   to   develop   such   a   variation.      The   adoption   of   the   Lange   Pistole   08      LP.08   was authorized   by   the   Kaiser   on   the   2nd   of   July   1913.   This   iconic   pistol   is   known   today   as Artillery   Luger,   although   it   was   also   used   by   Aviation   units   (prior   to   equipping   aircraft   with machine   guns)   as   well   as   the   Infantry,   primarily   on   the   Western   front   during   WW-I.   The famous   infantry   Sturmtruppen   employed   the   Artillery   Luger   equipped   with   a   new   large magazine   –   the   Trommelmagazine.      The   Luger   Artiglieria   is   the   first   book   totally   focused   in this    Luger    variation.    The    history,    use,    technology    and    all    variations.    111    pages,    200 pictures.

Comments to the first edition

Jan Still: “Mauro    Baudino’s    “LUGER    Artiglieria”    (Artillery):    9.5    X    6.75-    high    quality-111    page- paperback.    In    Italian    with    English    illustration    captions    and    summaries.    The    following artillery   Lugers   are   shown:   Erfurt   military,   DWM   military,   Red   9,   unit   marked   (R.J.R.78 9.47),   full   auto,   1923   Stoeger,   Siamese,   Persian,   Commemorative   Mauser,   and   Werle. Numerous   artillery   holsters   are   covered   including   a   reichs-revolver   type   that   I   was   unaware of.   Covered   are   accessories   such   as   drum   magazines,   ammunition,   sight   adjustors,   period literature,    etc.    This    publication    is    generously    laced    with    period    photographs    and documents.   The   books   only   drawback   is   that   it   is   not   all   in   English   (perhaps   the   next edition).     I     recommend     Mauro     Baudino’s     “LUGER     Artiglieria”     to     all     collectors. Jan“ Jerry Burney: “I   just   received   my   copy   of   Mauro's   book   on   the   Artillery   from   Paris   this   morning.   I   am impressed   with   the   extensive   research   Mauro   has   done..An   excellent   work   and   while   most of   it   is   in   Italian   it   is   subtitled   in   English.   Well   worth   the   money,   I   recommend   it   to   anyone who   is   interested   in   expanding   their   knowledge   of   not   only   the   LP-08   but   the   history behind   it.   The   frontspiece   shows   a   photo   of   Mauro   and   a   Luger   Forum   Patch..Really   nicely done.   I   was   able   to   pay   with   Pay   Pal   so   it   was   easy   to   convert   dollars   to   Euro's.   Many   good photo's too. Excellent work Mauro! Jerry Burney” Edward Tinker: “Received   my   copy   today   in   the   mail.   Wish   it   was   in   English   but   the   pictures   and   layout   is very nice and it is worth every Euro! Good Job Mauro and thanks.” Tom A. moderator and Lugerforum patron: “All, This   work   is   worth   10X   the   asking   price   and   will   be   commanding   that   amount,   if   not   more, when it goes out of print. Do your self a favour and buy a couple of copies now. Tom A. “
 Artillery Luger pistol and Mauser Parabellum  
 Artillery Luger
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La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger La Luger Artiglieria - The Artillery Luger