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Tor and NAGA marks


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The Parabellum is Back! 1945 – 2000

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Paul Mauser Private Archive

From the original Paul Mauser Private Archive

The Artillery Luger Book

The first book focused in the Artillery Luger Model

Italian language only

Book Abstract

Book Information

Comments To My Book

“The Gun Report” Review

Mon Livre en France

Mr. Kornmayer Dedication

Mr. Werle Dedication


How you can buy the book?

Artillery Luger

An introductive article

1915 Artillery Luger

1914/20 Double Dated Erfurt

1917 Artillery Luger

Luger Artillery Variations

Prototyping Stock

Luger Artillery Holsters

P-Kasten & TM08

Relic TM08 from Verdun Battle

1936 Persian LP08

1945-47 last Mauser production

Scope for LP08

LP08 firing sequence

Sudicatis Nocturnal Sight

WWII Telescopic Stock

An important discover


Imperial Luger with Thai Kor

Tor and NAGA marks

Artillery Luger

Historical Picture Collection

Georg Luger Letters to Paul Mauser

February 1892

Mauser Parabellum Production (1945 – 1947)

Mauser and Oberndorf under French control

Mauser Parabellum Production (1970 – 1986)

 The last Mauser Parabellum production

Tools and Gauges for Luger

WWI Field Repairing Tool Box

WWII Field Repairing Tool Box

Mauser Schlagstempel

WWII Tools Collection


Mauser Gauges for Parabellum


Documents on Luger pistol

Military Documents

1909 Infantry Manual

1918 German Artillery Manual

WWII K98 P08 Booklet

1950 French P08 Manual

1950 French P38 Manual

1950/60 French P38 Man.

1950 DDR Luger Manual

1955 Norwegian Luger Manual


DWM and Mauser Documents

1937 Mauser Jubileum

1938 Mauser Jubileum

1938 DWM Jubileum

Mauser Destruction - 1947


1987 Mauser Jubileum

Commercial Catalogues

1923 Frantzius Catalogue

1924 Pacific Arms Corporation

1920 Tosi Firearms Company

1934 Stoeger Catalogue

1938 Mauser Price List

1938 Hasloch Price List

Historical people with LP08

J. Benjamin Jauhiainen


Ever Pasha

Rare Specimens

Mauser P08 and LP08

made under French Control

Versuchsmodel V015

P04 Modified Weimar


Imperial Luger with Thai Kor

Tor and NAGA marks




Mauser Kasino

One-of-a-kind Stock

Your Luger Pictures

Mauser Gadgets

Mauser Oil & Grease Bottle

Mauser Helmet

Visit to Oberndorf

Luger Calendar Collection

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