The Versuchsmodel V015 is the unique Mauser Parabellum prototype made by Mauser to verify the reliability of the stocked frame. This pistol was previously in the collection of Prof. Dr. Gminder Collection (as you know Prof. Dr. Gminder was the manager of the Mauser Jagdwaffen GmbH gun division of Mauser in the Parabellum re-introduction period).

When Mauser management decided to commemorate stocked frame Luger (Carbine, Navy and Artillery) the main problem was the stock lug and the lanyard ring. Because of time and cost it was not possible modifying the production tools to introduce a stocked frame for a really small number of guns.

For this reason, the Mauser engineers decided to weld a stock lug to the existing frames and rework them to insert the lanyard ring.

In order to validate this solution, they decided to prepare a Versuchsmodel. Note the discoloration of the weld areas around the stock lug. The change in hardness, a result of the welding, creates the plum color of the bluing in those areas. 

A few Versuchsmodels were still available years after in the Mauser Versuchsabteilung (Mauser research and development shop), they simply selected one and modified it in order to receive the stock lug and the lanyard ring. 
Then a specific stock attaching iron was prepared and this received the number 5 (last digit of the V015 serial number).

The pistol in this configuration was then submitted to tests to verify the reliability of the solution, and then it joined the collection of remaining Versuch models.   

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