Comments To My Book


I have collected here some comments on my book available on the Luger Forum and also on the Still’s forum: German Lugers -Central Powers - Axis - Pistols.



Jan Still:

“Mauro Baudino’s “LUGER Artiglieria” (Artillery): 9.5 X 6.75- high quality-111 page- paperback. In Italian with English illustration captions and summaries. The following artillery Lugers are shown: Erfurt military, DWM military, Red 9, unit marked (R.J.R.78 9.47), full auto,1923 Stoeger, Siamese, Persian, Commemorative Mauser, and Werle. Numerous artillery holsters are covered including a reichs-revolver type that I was unaware of. Covered are accessories such as drum magazines, ammunition, sight adjustors, period literature, etc. This publication is generously laced with period photographs and documents. The books only drawback is that it is not all in English (perhaps the next edition). I recommend Mauro Baudino’s “LUGER Artiglieria” to all collectors.

Albert Beliard:

“Fellow collectors and friends,

I would like to congratulate Mauro for a job well done on his book. I give him individual merit for the hard work he put into his book, and I am not saying this just because I am a close friend who helped him with the project by donating images, ideas and labor. I know for a fact that other members on the Luger Forum played a major role as well, and their contributions were also valuable. In my opinion, the input from various knowledgeable experts determines the success of a book.

I appreciated his explanation of theories, fact, history, photos and the various pistols displayed in the book, and I hope that other Luger books will be written in the future on the same lines. Tom, I am looking forward to your book on the Navy Lugers! I also admit that a good book motivates me to search harder for a certain type of Luger pistol, and ironically I am still searching for that near mint and all matching LP08 which I have not yet found for my collection!

It is a delight to see that the legacy of the Luger pistol still remains strong.


John Sabato:

“I concur whole heartedly with Albert... Mauro's book is excellent and well worth the money...

Absolutely GREAT photographs.”

Jerry Burney:

“I just received my copy of mauro's book on the Artillery from Paris this morning. I am impressed with the extensive research Mauro has done..An excellent work and while most of it is in Italian it is subtitled in English. Well worth the money, I recommend it to anyone who is interested in expanding their knowledge of not only the LP-08 but the history behind it.

The frontspiece shows a photo of Mauro and a Luger Forum Patch..Really nicely done.

I was able to pay with Pay Pal so it was easy to convert dollars to Euro's. Many good photo's too.

Excellent work Mauro! Jerry Burney”


“I'd like to second Jerry's favorable review of Mauro's book. There are many excellent historical photos of LP08's in the book, as well as other information that is not readily found elsewhere. And, it's at a bargain price!”

Edward Tinker:

“Received my copy today in the mail. Wish it was in English but the pictures and layout is very nice and it is worth every Euro!

Good Job Mauro and thanks.”

Herbert Werle:

Dear Mr. Baudino,


Thank you very much for the receiving of your outstanding book LUGER ARTIGLIERIA. Now I have two personal, favourite Luger books between all the others. This is the book LUGER TIPS and now especially your book, with all the detailed information about the history of the Artillery Luger.

Of course, I appreciate your work and I have to thank you once more, that you made my own wish possible, to show my work in such a beautifully manner. It is really a great honour for me.


I invite you wherever you are in Germany, visit me in Dudenhofen near by the old town Speyer. Your English translation to all the beautiful pictures is also outstanding, all the details - you are an expert!


Best regards

Tom A. moderator and Lugerforum patron:


This work is worth 10X the asking price and will be commanding that amount, if not more, when it goes out of print. Do your self a favour and buy a couple of copies now.

Tom A. “

These photos, except the Walter’s book cover, are extracted from my book.

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