On 20 April 1945, the French march into Oberndorf and occupy the Mauser-Werke. They find a relatively peaceful city and the Mauser firm largely intact although without finished weapons, only spare parts. Many tools, finished guns, prototypes, documents and staff were collected in a train and moved to the Bavarian Alps a few weeks earlier, where the last Reich supporters thought starting the resistance. Over 200 Mauser workers, part of the management team and a treasure trove of equipment, tools, parts and documents started an odyssey which would only end for them almost 6 months later……





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Parabellum made under French Control

Parabellum manual for the French Troops in Indochina

Documents from the occupied Oberndorf

Mauser destruction


Other Mauser weapons produced in Oberndorf under French control and then used by the French Forces:

P38 pistol (1)

P38 pistol (2)

.22 Mauser Carbine