; Appunti sulle Luger Artiglieria


The Gun Report Review

By Charles R. Suydam, Staff Editor


Volume 49, Number 3 August 2003




Book Review


Luger Artiglieria (Artillery Luger)

Mauro Baudino

Editoriale Olimpia S.P.A., Via E. Fermi, 24 – 50019 Sesto Fiorentino (Firenze), Italy.    2003

111 7x9-1/2” pp, 190 b&w & color illus.  SC.  To order, see below.


            A letter from Mr. Baudino tells of his interest in the LP08 model and more:

            “I am an Italian Luger collector who is deeply inspired by the LP08 model and all its related accessories, beginning with the Imperial models up to the post-war Mauser Commemorative models.  I have also been researching the utilization of this specific pistol during WWI and WWII by the German Army and foreign contracts.  The elegant beauty of the long barrel LP08 coupled with my passion for this pistol inspired me to write the first book on the subject that concentrates on this special model, which many Luger collectors desire and consider a must for any collection.  I hope you will appreciate my book and gain further insight into this famous pistol which created a large impact in the hearts of Luger collectors.”

            The book is written in Mr. Baudino’s Italian language, but the captions of the very fine and detailed pictures are translated into English, summarizing the most important material in each of the four chapters, which are translated loosely as 1) The Artillery Luger of the Imperial period; 2) The Treaty of Versailles and its repercussions for the Artillery Model; 3) The Artillery Luger commercialized and contracted; 4) Annual production by third parties (John Vermont Marz; Herbert Werle).  Page 109 has a list of 41 references used by the author, followed by a major index of the contents of the book.

            The book is very well printed, with outstanding black and white and color illustrations, which, as noted above, have Italian and English captions.  It is a fine book for all Luger collectors.

            To order now, e-mail Mr. Baudino at m.baudino@libero.it (web site address: http://lugerlp08.free.fr/).  The price is 18 Euros or $18 + $15 shipping (credit cards OK) from www.edolimpia.it.

C. R. Suydam  4/27/03