This page contains a short description of some holsters for the LP08 model from my personal collection. For a thorough analysis of these holsters, please see my book; “La Luger Artiglieria – The Luger Artillery” the first book completely focused on this Luger variation and related accessories. Recently I have added also interesting holster for normal Luger…


1915 Pigskin Holster

This holster is considered rare. This particular set is the only one presented in the literature where both the holster and the magazine pouch are made in pig skin. Both the items are marked EUGEN HUBER MILITAR-EFFEKTEN MUNCHEN and AWM/1/15. Eugen Huber has an important role among the holster manufacturers for Luger Artillery. In fact he was the manufacturer of the very rare pigskin holster probably used for the acceptance test. This prototype use for the acceptance test was similar to the one here presented but it was containing the stock and the spare magazines as well.

1915 Soft Skin Holster.


Another rare holster. It is made by “Mars” – Berlin in 1915. This holster is very soft, like a glove for the pistol. The one described is marked FAR3, Feld Artillerie Regiment number 3, which was part of the 6th infantry division.

As part of the 6th infantry division, the holster has seen the battle of Verdun, the fights around the Douaumont and Vaux fortress, as well as the Somme battle and the great battle of France - 1918. In the following scans, the “Mars” Fabrik fur Militar-Effekten addresses.

Mars was listed from 1910 to 1920 as a manufacturer and reseller of "novelties", military accessories and accoutrements for reservists at two different addresses in Berlin. The first address was in the same street as George Luger (Wilmersdorfer Strasse).

Official LP08 holster.


The usual LP08 holster with wooden stock. It was officially adopted in May, 5th 1914. In the middle a rare 1914 holster modified to be carried with the belt.


Post WWI modified LP08 holster

After the end of the WWI, in accordance to the restriction imposed to Germany by the Allied powers, the LP08 model was, at least formally, forbidden. Some of the holsters where modified to contain the standard P08. In the picture one of this modification. Note that the hole where the holster was cut, it has been filled. Sometimes the holsters are simply cut without filling the hole.   

WWI Turkish holster for LP08


This holster is a rare evidence of the LP08 employ in the Turkish front during WWI. The very high quality of the workmanship and leather justifies that an Officer or a Turkish dignitary probably carried this holster. The holster here depicted has been described in several articles and books.

Hugo Heiser Holsters


Herman Hugo Heiser was born June 29, 1836, in Saxony (Germany). He arrived in New York in September, 1854. The holsters made for the firm of Abercrombie & Fitch, as well for many other retail sporting goods firms in USA, were made by the saddlery firm of Mr. Heiser. The left and centred pictures shown the model numbered 920. On the right, another beautiful Heiser holster for LP08 model.

Recently I have found in Germany this nice holster that fit perfectly with the 6 inches Luger. The leather works are nice. The manufacturer is unfortunately unknown.

For sure the Mauser Parabellum made in 1945-1947 when Mauser was under French control are among the rarest models. The French holsters made for these pistols are really rare too. Here two of them, one for the LP08 and the other one for the P08.


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