I am a Belgian Mauser and Parabellum collector. I have started my interest in the Parabellum pistols made by Mauser years ago; my first interest was the Artillery Luger model (LP08 model) but soon my interest was focused by all models. The possibility of visiting several times Oberndorf an Neckar and meeting Mauser employees and managers give me the possibility of collecting lots of data and information.


Recently, I have focused my interest in the Post WWII Mauser Parabellum models, starting from April 1945, when the French takes the control of the Mauser Company in Oberndorf (Parabellum produced under French control), till the Parabellum reintroduction made by the new Mauser Company in 1970 (Mauser Parabellum Gallery).


In cooperation with my friend Gerben van Vlimmeren, we published a new reference book: “The Parabellum is back! 1945 – 2000”. This book is the first research available covering all the post WWII production. Visit the relate site www.theparabellumisback.com for additional information about this study.


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The acquisition of part of the Paul Mauser private archive gives a new stimulus and a study of the documents and data in the archive is today an interest area or research.

A new web site has been designed to sum up the results of this study giving also the possibility of reading some of these unique documents: www.paul-mauser-archive.com


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The author with Prof Dr Rolf Gminder, former CEO of Mauser Werke (third from the left);

Mr. Otto Repa, responsible of the Mauser Parabellum assembling from 1970 till 1975 and then quality responsible from 1975 till 1979 (first from the left); Mr. Gerd Schön, in charge of the export sales of the civilian market from 1968 till 1971 then domestic sales until 1977 (second from the left); Joop van de Kant (last on the right) and Gerben van Vlimmeren (between the author and Joop), friends and Mauser collectors. Picture taken during a recent meeting in Oberndorf.  In that day the decision to set up the Kü club was taken.

With Mr. Regnier a Lausanne when analysing the Borchardt-Luger number 6. Mr. Regnier is a well known collector and dealer. He helped me in my research for the first book.


With Joop van de Kant and his beautiful Mauser Parabellum collection…


This article on the presentation of the 'The Mauser Parabellum 1930-1946' and the introduction of 'The Parabellum is Back!' appeared in the regional newspaper Schwarzwalder Bote this week:

Souce, Schwarzwalder Bote, Author Elfi Roth.

Weapons Expert from all over the world meet here

A book on the production of the P 08 Parabellum 1930 until 1946 was handed to Museumleader Andreas Kussmann-Hochhalter (third on the right) by foreign weapons experts.

Oberndorf. A group of Weapons book authors visited the Oberndorf Weapons Museum in the Schwedenbau building and handed the Museumleader Andreas Kussmann-Hochhalter a copy of the recently published English book on the production of the P08 Parabellum between 1930 and 1946, for the town archive.

It was 3 years ago that Rolf Gminder, the former manager of the Mauser company brought the weapons experts to the museum. Since then the group regularly visits Oberndorf. They are all weapons collectors and especially love the old weapons.

Mauro Baudino, from Italy, explained: "We communicate regularly through the Internet with each other and meet once a year in Oberndorf"". Belgian Joop van de Kant and American Don Hallock are the authors of the book on the standard pistol of the Wehrmacht, the production of which almost reached one million pieces. In about 3 months a new book on the P08 with the title "The Parabellum is Back" will appear, in which the post war production between 1945 and 2000 will be discussed. The authors are Baudino and Dutchman Gerben van Vlimmeren. "See you next year", was said during goodbyes.

By Elfi Roth