I always have been fascinating by the scope for the long barrel Luger. One of the evidence of this solution is available in the 1924 Pacific Arms Corporation. Another interesting solution has been introduced in 1970 by the Germany gunsmith W. Aulke in Warendorf (Germany). This solution has been advertised for a while in the prestigious German DWJ magazine.

The idea is to use a 1943 ZF 40/41 Zeiss scope with a special attaching solution for LP08. In the picture you can see the result. 

ZF 41/1 with the complete set of LP08 attaching items made by W. Aulke in Warendorf (Germany), see advertising.
These set was made in the 1960 – 1970 period. It is composed by two different couples of attaching items. What it is currently mounted (1 and 2) is the permanent solution. In this case the rear attaching tool takes the place of the rear tangent sight of the LP08.

The other solution (3 and 4) is a more flexible solution that allows mounting and dismounting the scope easily. The attaching tools (3 and 4) are numerated and with a different shape to better fit the barrel. The flexible solution could be used not only with the LP08 but with others long barrel models. Concerning the ZF 41/1 scope, it is an enhanced version of the well-know ZF 41 - the standard K 98 sniper scope of the German WEHRMACHT. It was produced from 1943 until the end of the war. This later version is distinguished clearly from its predecessor by its elevation ring and the elevation ring locking spring.
Manufactured in the Etablissements Charles Aufière in Pantin, France, the mass production of this model was begun only after the disastrous
defeat in Stalingrad and stopped already a year later. Therefore, the ZF 41/1 is one of the rarest versions of the ZF 41. The scope is numbered and marked with the code “kov” that actually means Etablissements Charles Aufière in Pantin, France.

The items numbered 5 and 6 are the rear and front rain protection tubes. The magnification of the scope is really impressive for a “small toy” only 13.6 cm (5.35 inches). On the left the reticle.


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