On 13th February 1917, the Ludwing Sudicatis & Co. Munitionsfabrik (Berlin) introduced a night sight for LP08 and K98. The tool was also produced by the company C. Lorenz A.G. Telegraphenwerke in Berlin. It is composed by a front and a rear sight. Both sights have a radium insert to allow sighting in the night. Although the front sight configuration is well defined (see first pictures) it is possible to find different customized solutions. I would like to thanks Paolo Petracco for the pictures of the Sudicatis in his collection. The last pictures are describing an excellent customized solution that uses a front sight for K98 adapted to fit with an LP08 using a dedicated installing device.


The solution presented hereafter is an interesting customization of a Sudicatis front sight for K98 modified to fit with Luger Artillery. The result is really well-designed.


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