Text Box: Mauser Gauges for Parabellum




During a recent visit to Oberndorf (see visit to Oberndorf), I had the possibility to buy a set of Mauser Gauges used to inspect the Mauser Parabellum made in the 1970 – 1999 period by Mauser. Initially Mauser bought the gauges used for the inspection of the 1929 Swiss model from Bern. Mauser reused them for inspecting the new production. Not all the Swiss gauges were adequate to inspect the new production and therefore Mauser made new gauges. Hereafter some pictures of the gauges with some examples of the use. These gauges were saved from the destruction by Mr. Otto Repa, responsible of the Mauser Parabellum assembling from 1970 till 1975 and then quality responsible from 1975 till 1979. For the collector, the finding of such gauges is a rare event and could be considered the icing on the cake for any serious Mauser collector. Enjoy the pictures…

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