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This photo is extracted from the 1986 Mauser Catalog.

Author’s collection.

Commemorative LP08 engraving: fine English scrolls, solid gold lines, small parts fire-blued, with ivory grips, with leather case.





This photo is extracted from the 1990 Mauser Catalog.

Author’s collection.

Beautiful rig with original epoch accessories that complete the last commemorative model:

- Mauser Leather case;

- 1986 Mauser catalog describing the offer of Lugers, accessories, and other guns.

- Pin punch, Mauser stamped Screw driver, Mauser Stamped Sight Adjusting tool;

- In the pocket, documentation released with LP08;

- Original Mauser Pin, Pen and Wristwatch;

- Mauser Magazine;

- Original Mauser Wood Cleaning Rod;

- Epoch Cleaning Rod produced in USA;

- Mauser Wooden Stock with relevant Mauser Certificate.

- LP08 in .30Luger with relevant certificate.




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